Friday, August 7, 2015

"Do you want to be friends?"

Who would have thought that such a simple question would turn into so much more? A lifelong friendship, an incredible experience, and the creation of Southern Vintage Design, LLC would be the result.

The Southern Vintage Design Ladies

We’d like to introduce you to who we are and give you a little insight into why we love doing what we do!

Jacqueline Smith

My name is Jacqueline Smith, and I have dabbled in every creative realm from painting to piano. It has been a long journey, but I finally found my home: photography, design, and Charleston. 

Growing up, I was very indecisive about which outlet to use for my creative expression. I wanted to do it all (and secretly still do)! At some point in high school, I came across the word "photojournalism" and was finally able to make a decision. I pursued an education in visual journalism and learned that there is a lot more to story telling than just the photos or just the words. It is in the way that everything comes together. One seamless piece of enlightenment. 

One day I simply chose Charleston as my new home. How could you not be inspired by such a beautiful place? There, I met Celess and everything changed. There wasn't enough time in the day for us to talk about all of our goals and dreams, so we figured that it would be faster to simply make them happen!

Celess Titus

Hello! My name is Celess Titus. At my core, I am an artist. I thrive on creativity and integrate it into every aspect of my life. I have a strong passion for art forms of all kinds (from dancing to design)!  

Growing up, I especially loved drawing and painting.  I was a hoarder of sketch books, in every art competition and club available, and granted an art scholarship, which was the true kick-start to my creative career. It wasn't until later in life that I realized having a camera around my neck and capturing life through the lens was my true calling. 

I put a lot of heart and passion into everything I do. My love for traveling and the sea placed me in Charleston, and my passion for having my own company led me to Jackie. If a day at work consists of spending my time trying to capture the beauty of someone else’s, then I'd say I have a pretty rewarding job. Together, Jackie and I understand that we provide clients with precious moments frozen in time that ultimately tell their story. We truly love what we do, and the process behind it!

We're very excited to use this blog to introduce you to our wonderful clients, the amazing place we live, and share with you our many stories behind the lens! 

~ Sincerely ~
The Southern Vintage Design Ladies 

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