Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tracey + Tyler

Meet Tracey and Tyler! Their engagement session was nothing short of amazing. Strolling downtown from the Charleston Square to the Market, we were able to capture some intimate moments among the historic backdrops. These two were not only super fun to work with, but they also shared a special bond that registered so perfectly through the lens. We can’t wait to show you the images, but first we’d like to give you a little introduction into Tracey and Tyler's beautiful fairy tale!


A Perfect Match: 

Tyler and Tracey connected through a mutual friend. Tyler introduced himself to Tracey via social media, and not long after the Facebook friendship had begun, the two were involved in weekend-long conversations with topics ranging from church to superheros. This fairy tale began on Facebook and became "Facebook official" a month later when they met for a movie date! The two have been inseparable ever since, and we will hit the "love" button to that!

"My prayer for several years was that a mutual friend would introduce me to the man I would marry. I loved the idea of being paired by someone who knew us both, would have insight into how we both acted on our good and bad days and how we would complement each other.” ~ Tracey

The Romantic Proposal: 

On March 26th, Tyler was ready to pop question! After a day downtown, Tyler walked Tracey to the battery where he had a friend hiding nearby ready to capture the moment when she said, "Yes!"

"Tyler started talking about how he loves our tradition of holding hands during prayer at church, and when we bless the food, and that he's noticed we tend to switch off who "catches" who as far as whose hand reaches first. Again, I thought he was being his sweet sentimental self and I started walking away to keep walking the Battery. Tyler stopped me, grabbed both of my hands and started talking again. I've never seen him have that tone or seriousness on his face. Then it started clicking.... we were standing on the same spot on the Battery where his parents had their first kiss (he told me this on a previous visit). Not to mention Easter weekend being the 1 year anniversary of when Tyler first told me he loved me. He talked about wanting to be there to catch each other for the rest of our lives and got down on one knee. In utter shock, I said 'yes.'” ~ Tracey

Once upon a time has just begun for these two, and we're so honored to be able to capture their journey together as the future Mr. and Mrs. Now, we'd love to share some of the magical photos from their engagement session with you!

Fun Fact: Tappio has become a staple stop for the couple when they visit downtown! Bubble tea to reminds them of time spent with family and past dates!

We are so excited that Tracey and Tyler's story doesn't end here! We have the wonderful opportunity to capture their wedding this December! We are thrilled to be able to spend more time with these love birds and continue to share their fairy tale through our photography.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Southern Vintage Bridal Event!

We had a blast putting on our first big bridal event! The vendors were amazing to work with, the weather was perfect, and the models were gorgeous!

So many great vendors came out to help make this photoshoot one to remember. We can't thank them enough for all of their hard work. They set the scene and made our vision come to life!

A special thank you to all of our vendors: 

Our friends at the Charleston Wedding Guru have created a wonderful blog post highlighting the bridal session along with some behind the scenes photos of our vendors! To read more click here


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Monday, July 11, 2016

To La Belle Bach!

These girls traveled all the way from New York to Charleston to celebrate Amanda’s Bacheleorette in southern style!
If you're planning a bachelorette party in the future, take a few notes! From stickers, custom invites, and logos, to decaled sunglasses; these ladies planned a bachelorette party of epic proportions. 
We had so much fun helping the girls with their bachelorette planning. The first step was to design a logo for their special event. We were loving the southern belle vibe they were looking for! They enjoyed the logo so much that we were asked to create an invite and stickers!

The day of the party, the bachelorettes planned a photoshoot for their bride with yours truly! We started at Tease where the girls were getting blow outs and makeup done. A great start to any photoshoot! Big shout-out to Tease for letting us use their space for some great photo opportunities. 

We loved this bride-to-be’s style. Her veil headband was absolutely perfect with her outfit and such an elegant way to represent as the bride (if her white tutu didn’t already).
Walking the streets with these northern belles was a treat. We felt like paparazzi following them with our cameras, and they loved the experience! We wouldn’t be surprised if people driving by were wondering if they were celebrities.

Our next destination was the new hotspot downtown: Four Ninety Two. A huge thank you to them for letting us use their stunning space! The backdrops were absolutely perfect with the girls’ color scheme and we truly appreciated the air conditioning. It was a great spot to begin and gave the girls a chance to sit down, have a drink, and enjoy the party.

These girls were awesome. What a fun group! Not only were they all a joy to work with, but also great at giving ideas and getting excited about different types of shots (something all photographers truly appreciate)!
We highly recommend including the photography AND design combo at your bachelorette! Commemorate and commit the theme of your party with our design services! Start the evening off with your own personal paparazzi and swoon and laugh at the online gallery later. Don't worry, everyone will have the opportunity to purchase their favorite images too! Cheers!