Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Buzz About Bridals!

We LOVE bridal portraits, and (most importantly) our brides love them!

I’m sure there is a lot of you out there who have never heard of bridal portraits or might not be sure what they really are. No worries! We are here to help!

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What is a Bridal Portrait Session? 

Bridal portraits are photography sessions that typically takes place before the wedding day.  This is an opportunity for the bride to put on her wedding dress, accessories, and take her trial hair and makeup out for a test run. You could pretty much call it a trial run for the bride AND photographer!

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Bridal sessions are a fun and relaxing opportunity for the bride to spend time getting comfortable with her photographer. These sessions are a great way to get creative shots in addition to wedding photos, and leaves brides with one less thing to worry about on the big day!

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Why are Bridal Portraits so important? 

  1. Practice: Bridals give you an idea of what it will be like having your photo taken on your wedding day. These sessions provide you with great photos of your dress, accessories, and even your potential hair and makeup for the big day!
  2. Ease Your Mind: Free up some time for other photos to be taken on your wedding day! If you have photos taken of your dress and accessories ahead of time, that’s less time your photographer has to spend capturing those images on the big day. It’s always nice to know you have some photos of yourself in your dress already in case you (or your photographer) can’t break away to get some shots in between all the action. 
  3. Dual Purpose: As we mentioned, a lot of brides will coordinate their bridals with a trial run of their hair and makeup. Why get all dolled up to just sit on the couch and watch TV?  We highly recommend that brides use this as a chance to evaluate their hair and makeup. Did you hair stay in the entire shoot? Did your makeup show up in the photos? It's the ultimate test for a hair and makeup trial! 
  4. Win-Win: Another great thing about bridal sessions is that the bride and her photographer can take their time getting those "Pinterest-worthy" photos she so eagerly wants!  The next time the bride is in her dress, those photo goals will be the last thing on her mind. 
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Southern Vintage Bridals 

We offer a one-hour photo session for our bridal portraits with the options to include all images or purchase them individually. We provide our brides with an assistant to hold the dress and help with posing, all while our photographer captures her glamorous smile. Family and friends are always welcome for support. We will provide a complimentary bouquet for brides to pose with and keep as a souvenir at the end of the shoot! Brides are welcome to bring their own bouquet or other props too!

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Southern Vintage DesignSouthern Vintage Design

"It was a huge weight off knowing that I had  a stress free opportunity to catch those shots. Had I not had the opportunity, I feel as though my wedding day stress would have been amplified worrying over that perfect shot. Also, it was a fun experience. It was a huge help to see how I looked and it actually helped me decide on how to wear my hair the day of." ~ Christin, SVD Bride

We truly love bridal sessions, and know our brides do too! They are useful for many reasons, and we highly recommend them. Email us at info@southernvintagedesign.com if you have any questions about our bridal session or how to get a discounted session when you bundle with any of our wedding packages!

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